Altama Delta Corporation was founded in 1969 in Darien, Georgia where the Altamaha River meets the Atlantic Ocean.


Originally a children's shoe plant, the facility was converted to manufacture green jungle boots for U.S. Soldiers stationed in Vietnam. ALTAMA moved its headquarters to Atlanta, Georgia in December of 1987, and today designs, manufactures, imports, sells and distributes 18 different styles of high performance combat, tactical and police duty boots, some available in 133 different sizes. For 35 consecutive years, ALTAMA has been a prime contractor to the United States Department of Defense, supplying a wide range of military specification (Mil-Spec) footwear to thousands of military personnel worldwide.

ALTAMA proudly enjoys being the most recognized name in military footwear. ALTAMA markets and distributes its products to federal, state and local agencies, military schools and ROTC programs; police and Special Forces; uniform and Army/Navy retailers. ALTAMAs boots can also be found on the feet of consumers whose needs call for high-quality, durable and comfortable footwear- from canoeists and hikers to service workers standing on a factory floor all day. In 1991, ALTAMA developed a line of high performance combat boots for civilian use.

This line combines all the design elements of Mil-Spec boots with competitive fashion features to enhance their styling. ALTAMAs Commercial Sales division now accounts for almost 50% of the company's revenues. In addition to serving the US Military, the company has sold combat boots to military personnel in over 70 countries. ALTAMA established its industry leadership positioning the early nineties and maintains it by listening to its customers.

ALTAMA builds combat boots to satisfy its customer's requirements for performance, durability and comfort. ALTAMA boots are high quality and reasonably priced- giving the consumer a very high value.

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