SKB began manufacturing molded plastic cases for the music industry in 1977. It wasn't long before SKB cases were noticed worldwide and acclaimed as the most durable and reliable transport choice for delicate instruments. SKB engineers continued to innovate as product tools became more complex and manufacturing techniques became more efficient. Industries far removed from the music world began to contact SKB as a possible source for protecting sensitive cargo in transit. Projects from military missile launcher cases to bio-hazardous medical sample cases, became routine challenges for the design engineers at SKB.

Over the past two decades the SKB Industrial Division has provided transport solutions for a seemingly endless list of industry specific applications including, Fire and Rescue equipment, Military Hardware, Law Enforcement Firearms and Equipment, Medical Tools and Samples, Portable Voting Equipment, Computer Server Systems, Field Communications, Waterproof Scientific Experimentation Kits, Waterproof and shockproof Cell and Satellite phone transport, Plasma and LCD monitor transport.


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